Wednesday, January 12, 2011

IF: Deja Vu

IF: Deja Vu, originally uploaded by DillyFae.

Poor bunny is experiencing DEJA VU!!!!!

So classes have started and I'm taking a Watercolor class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting! I hope everyone can see improvement with my work during this semester!

I'm also going to start making little trader cards as portfolio pieces! I heard about it through this blog:
which had an audio interview of one of my FAVE artists: JAW Cooper!!!!
This year will be the year of ANNABEL, THE ILLUSTRATOR!


Lois said...

I like this, cute idea.

barbara said...

Love this! This deja-vu subject is a tough one, i like your interpretation.

Missy said...

Cute, I really like that bunny!

Fallingladies said...

very cute!

Katie said...

Great idea! Lovely!