Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Summer Time

stepford skeleton, originally uploaded by DillyFae.

And here in Louisiana, that means its dreadfully hot and muggy. So I like to stay inside with the occasional sun while mowing the backyard (Vitamin D!). I have summer classes but they are all online this year being that I needed to get some of my core classes out of the way. This all boils down to free time for painting!!! I'm trying to get a style down. I think I'm still trying to figure out what I like best as far as outlining and coloring. I love my rapidograph pens for outlining because my illustrations are too small for me to outline with a brush. (so I say... I'm really just not that experienced with outlining with a brush...) I've seen many illustrations that are outlined with a colored pencil, but I think I color too dark with my watercolor for the colored pencil to stand out...
ALSO, I've been more and more interested in digitally painting. I have a wacom and photoshop... why not right? So I think I'll be testing out these different methods to find out which one suits me best.

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