Friday, December 2, 2011

Fuji X10

Someone is supremely happy. :) My hubby got me an early Christmas gift..... Yay! I get so worried about dragging my 7D around and damaging it that he got me to Fuji X10 as my everyday street camera! AH! It's wonderful! And it has full manual controls that are easy to access!! Here are some pics of it! Beautimous!

and here's a sample pic I took outside :) ***super macro mode?!!***
And last but not least, I had the opportunity to design and build the scene and backdrop for the Troy Landry autograph signing here in Natchitoches for the 2011 Christmas Festival! I didn't have much time since it was around Thanksgiving, but I can definitely say I tried my best! Big huge thanks to my Dad for helping with the backdrop frame and my brother for the transportation and help with setting up the scene!! Here are some pics when we were just about finished with my brother, Andrew, and his daughter, Marie! (we put burlap sacks in the piroque and spanish moss....)

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