Friday, August 24, 2012

Soooo busy.

Well I'm in my last semester as an undergraduate!!!!! That's right! This is my graduating senior semester and I have my senior exhibition in November! So I'm buckling down and trying to make sure everything is in order for my show while juggling Technical Composition (my LAST core class, thank the Goddess!), Professional Practice class, and Ceramics 2! I'm also taking Advanced Watercolors and an independent study of watercolors, but I'm able to use that for my exhibit work :) I will also be applying for graduate school. (I did not realize the due dates for applying were so early... ugh) Here's a peak at a piece for my show:

In the show, she will be holding a red yarn that is tangled around the turtle. The yarn will be one of the 3D elements in the show along with the 2D story paintings along the walls.
Come see my show if you can! I'll post the poster when I get it done!

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