Thursday, September 27, 2012

IF: Crooked

Yay for scheduling the GRE!! Boo for having to study... :) Soon I will be a graduate student and, hopefully, be able to assist teaching classes! Wish me luck on getting the score I need!

Here is my submission for Illustration Friday (Yes, I know it's late...) And some of my students wanted to enter some things too!! See below!

Jamie is a crooked entrepreneur around the school playground.
Sophia's character Molly Moo has a crooked smile.
Mallory's crooked figure sketch!
Victoria's crooked pipe design!


Cindy D. said...

She's great! Very fun idea. Good luck on your test! That was quite a while back for me. ;)

Annabel Jones said...

Thank you Cindy!! I'll be drowning in practice tests for awhile! :)