Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Graduate Student Bliss

I'm a graduate student now. :) And I feel GREAT! Besides having to miss class and take care of my sick babies, I'm all Miss. Positivity this morning! I am so pumped about working on my portfolio and sending it to publishers/ agents that I have filled my To Do list with all sorts of painting projects. Am I spreading myself too thin? Probably. But having these goals keep me focused and being focused keeps me working.

I'm finished up a book for a sweet lady and starting on the cover soon! I can't wait to post images, but I have to wait until it's published! Just know that it's loose and colorful!

Valentine's Days was low key and wonderful! The Art Department at NSU had a back porch shindig and everyone had to bring a home-made Valentines Day card to get a free hot dog. I wanted to keep mine, but the girl who got it was so happy, I couldn't help but say goodbye to it! Here's a look before the faux lace heart was glued to the back:
I'm a big fan of Tardar, AKA Grumpy Cat.

I entered the Photographer's Forum contest for Highschool and College! And I was a finalist! I got Honorary Mention. :) Here's the image that got in:
This is my daughter, Belladonna, with static in her hair from the trampoline.

I also got into the Argus Literary Magazine! Here were my submissions:

2nd Place - Fine Art
1st Place - Photography

 3rd Place - Photography

I've also submitted to the Tom Peyton show in Alexandria! Waiting to hear from them in March! I need to look up more children's illustration contests! If you know of any, let me know!!

I have a commission to paint a wedding portrait, I'm doing caricatures for a wedding and a birthday party in March, and I have Art Along the Bricks downtown to set up for!!!! WORK WORK WORK!


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