Sunday, September 15, 2013


Okay so I failed at my attempt at uploading digital illustrations! Boooooo!
But I did start a new part time job at the local library! And it's wonderful! I can honestly say that working around books (especially children's books!) is one of the best feelings in the world!
I am also coming along SLOWLY in my graduate courses. I'm trying to get a routine going with my astounding lack of time in order to get my work done. I'm taking a ceramics course, watercolor, and oil. I'm using my watercolor course to work on a book I'm illustrating, my oil course for a show I'm working on for next year, and I just love ceramics... :)
My favorite holiday is coming up!!  I'm starting my frantic planning for decorating my carport! I can't wait! How will I find time to do all my Halloween activities with less time than normal??? I'll make do.
So all is okay in my world. I'm severely busy, but happy!

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