Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Hello Hello! So things have been dropping into place for me lately! I've been working myself crazy this semester with school (still getting my Masters), work (part time at the library and part time teaching at the college under an assistantship), and all my illustration book work! I have been working Saturdays at the library and Sundays doing local photography. Which means I have had ZERO days off. What has that done for me? Well, at first it was slowly eating away at me, but hard work doesn't go unnoticed! I am taking a break from school (just for one semester) and starting full time at the library as the new CHILDREN'S LIBRARIAN!! This is a position I've made a goal in my life as part of my determination towards illustration! I know that it's hard to be a full time Children's book illustrator so what better steady income to have than becoming a Children's librarian??? I'll be around Children's books, children who read, and all the research I need to know what publishers want in an illustrator! I'm so happy (and honestly bewildered) that I'm already in the position I've been wanting after applying at the library as part time not even 3 months ago!

So rest assured! I'm still here, still drawing/ painting, and still trying to get my name out there as an illustrator! And there should be more to show for it once things start slowing down! (Mid December?) So wish me luck!!!

Here's a digital illustration I did in some free time on my Surface Pro tablet! I love being able
to draw/ paint straight on the screen!

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